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4300 Global Ram Rajya Campus
(Proposed Ram Rajya Campus in every district of the Globe)
1. To Enlighten the world:
    Ram Rajya Gurukulam
2. To Creater Disease Free World:
   Ram Rajya Arogyashala
3. To Guide the world
    Global Senior Citizen Homes
4. To purify environment:
    Global Cow welfare homes
5. For Success in every Venture:
    Global Victory Sri Ram Temples
6. To elliminate World Poverty :
   Global Mahalaxmi temples

Global Ram Rajya

( In the reign of Sri Ram suffering belonged to no one.)

Global Ram Rajya

     This is also necessary today coz due to fast communication any pollution in political atmosphere is transmitted to whole world immediately. So thinking of Ram Rajya globally is required instead of locally.
     To exhibit this phenomenon continental groups and country wise groups are being created to develop Rama Consciousness in all parts of the world.
     Ram Rajya administrators are being trained as experts in developing Ram Consciousness in any part of the world at any time.
     Since all the member of this group being Ram Bhakta have undoubted faith on Rama, hence first 1008 members of the group (on first come first serve basis) will be declared as members of the World Ram Rajya Council. (We want to close the group after this number.)
     In the mean time other Ram Bhaktas will be welcome in Continental Ram Rajya Councils which we propose to close at 108 each.
     Similarly we will like to create National Ram Rajya Councils (108 each) and so on till City Ram Rajya Councils and Village Ram Rajya Councils are created.
     The main purpose of these group is to purify political atmosphere of the world thru' development of Rama Consciousness, in every part of the world.
     Since basically these groups will be political supplement groups to improve local governments performance, actual politicians will not be interested in our programs. And to keep its character clean World Ram Rajya Council will work whole heartedly.