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Global Ram Rajya
विश्व रामराज्य

In the reign of Sriram suffering belonged to no one.
रामराज्य दुख काहु न व्यापा ।

House of Lords for Ram-rajya

     Inaugural Session of House of Lords for Ram-rajya was held in Ayodhya from 13th to 23rd October 2015. Royal members attended.
     Ramrajya has been a monarchy. The present atmosphere is not satisfied with democracy. True revival of monarchy is also not possible in near future. But the main feature of monarchy was sense of ownership, sense of responsibility to subject, sense of creation for our state and sense of protection to subjects. All these senses are lacking in democracy. In such situation can we formulate a new structure between monarchy and democracy?
     Global Ram Rajya is a new platform to safeguard the subjects of the Globe from sufferings, wars, disease terrorism, recession etc
     As only ex-rulers of India know about Ramrajya and its necessity for the globe, some 400 ex-rulers of must come forward to accept the responsibility to usher Ramrajya.
     Since political pollution is prevalent through out the globe and Ram has been the symbol of political purification, hence Ramrajya is needed everywhere in the globe.
     Since the rulers are born and not created.
     Ram sent rulers on earth to rule on his behalf.
     Hence Rulers still have to play the role which was assigned to them as incarnate Vishnoo (Ramavatar). The ex-rulers must understand this fact that they are sent as rulers by god and they are not rejected by Ram as rulers. In the eyes of Sriram they are still rulers.
     Still, the divine power to rule is in them and they must rule the world in the name of Sriram as incarnate Vishnoo in that area, then they will be successful.
     Since Ram is immortal hence Ramrajya is also immortal. We must start ruling on his behalf in different areas.
     Ex rulers are divine people sent by god to rule the earth. Many times Indra has been ousted from devlok and Asuras have taken over the rule of swarg even by chhal and bal. At all such times lord vishnoo, directly or indirectly, helped Devtas to regain their Kingdom. These Asuras are not doing justice with the people on earth and are taking the Devbhag themselves. But Devtas cannot see injustice to their subjects hence they have been left with no other alternate except to take back their subjects and rule them with Dharm and Nyaya for which they were sent on earth by god. Ex rulers are people with fine consciousness. Unless they are allowed to rule country cannot prosper by people selected to rule by thieves, dacoits and culprits. Decent men hardly goes to vote.
     Like British Parliament, Global Parliament for Ramrajya can have two houses , viz
     1. House of Commons and
     2. House of Lords.
     But in this House of Lords only first 1008 n ex-rulers will be its members. coz only n ex-rulers know how to bring Ramrajya in the globe. Those ex-ruler who are members of house of lords will be, on rotation basis, made governor of Ramrajya in various countries.
     Since Indian constitution is not favorable to ex-rulers, any party, either BJP or congress cannot re-establish the dignity and honour of ex-rulers through constitutional means. But House of Lords for Ramrajya is a humble effort to re-establish the dignity and honor of ex- rulers by directly contacting their generation old subjects in the name of their traditional value of Ramrajya.Inauguration of House of Lords for Ramrajya at Ayodhya, on 13october 2015.

सप्तदीप सागर मेखला। एक भूप रघुपति कौशला।।
रामराज्य बैठे त्रिलोका। हर्षित भये गए सब सोका।।
बयरू न कर काहू सन कोई। राम प्रताप विषमता खोई।।
दैहिक दैविक भौतिक तापा। रामराज्य नहि काहुहि व्यापा ।।
नहिं दरिद्र कोई दुखी न दीना।नहीं कोई अबुध न लक्षण हीना।।
नहि दरिद्र सम दुख जग माहीं।संत मिलन सम सुख जग नाहीं।।

रामराज्य फाउंडेशन
रामराज्य का नागरिकता मंत्रालय
रामराज्य का निरोग मंत्रालय
रामराज्य का धन मंत्रालय
रामराज्य का ज्ञान मंत्रालय
रामराज्य का सफलता मंत्रालय
रामराज्य का गोलोकधाम मंत्रालय
रामराज्य नगरप्रमुख
रामराज्य ग्रामप्रमुख व राम पंचायत
रामराज्य के नगर व ग्राम कार्यक्रम
धन प्रवाह
रामराज्य= वसुधैव कटुम्बकम्
रामराज्य हेतु वैश्विक पहल

रामराज्य ​यज्ञ
​१. गो ब्राह्मण यज्ञ,
२. आतंकवाद निराधक यज्ञ ,
३. अखंड कश्मीर यज्ञ,
४. चुनाव विजय यज्ञ,
५. पुत्रेष्टि यज्ञ (भाग्यशाली संतान हेतु),
६ . पतिदेवता यज्ञ,
७. गृहलक्ष्मी यज्ञ