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( In the reign of Sri Ram suffering belonged to no one.)
Role of Sri Ram in Politics

     Since Ram was Suryavanashi hence basically a ruler. (Sun is known as ruling Planet) whereas Krishna was Chandrvanshi hence basically a lover (Moon is known for love and feelings). So for Ram Rajya enlivenment of Ram is more appropriate.
     In recent 100 years Mahatma Gandhi thru'"Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram" conducted his political meetings as Prarthana Sabha (Prayer Meetings) and was able successfully to steer India Into Independence.
     Similarly LK Advani thru' "Jai Shree Ram" steered BJP to main front of politics from background. Since he was having Krishna in his name he retained chariot for even Ram Rath Yatra. But since Krishna was never a ruler so Lal Krishna also could not become ruler (Prime Minister).
     The name of Ram is greatest purifier. Due to inclusion of Ram in their name Ramchandran in Tamilnadu, Ramarao in Andra Pradesh, Kashi Ram in UP, Ram Vilas Paswan In Bihar, and Jagjeevan Ram as Deputy Prime Minister have been popular leader in present day politics.

Ram Rajya in Democracy

     During Monarchy there was a saying 'as is the King so is subjects'. But in democracy since people elect the government hence it is as if 'as is subjects so is king. So for Ram Rajya now people have to be Satoguni (positive thinker and doers) to effect the rulers. coz government is just the innocent mirror of the people.